Bil Wright Remembers E. Lynn Harris

When my first novel, Sunday You Learn How To Box, was going to be published, my editor sent it to E. Lynn for a possible quote. E. Lynn contacted her and said not only would he give a quote, he wanted to host a party for me when I came to Chicago on book tour. I was ecstatic. The party in Chicago was at E. Lynn’s apartment and was one of the most elegant events I’ve been to. E. Lynn had asked for stacks of books to be sent for signing and told his guests how much the book had moved him and how much he admired it. We continued to stay in touch and he continued to be supportive and generous. He was a treasured colleague and a friend. That kind of generosity is rare, and I thank him so much for it.

This July will be honoring the memory of author E. Lynn Harris, who passed away last year. As a part of our tribute, we asked his friends and peers to tell us about the important legacy of his work and his incredible impact on the community.