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The Sealey Challenge 2023

The Sealey Challenge is upon us! The Sealey Challenge, begun by noted poet Nicole Sealey in 2017, asks readers to try to read a poetry book a day for the month of August. In particular, they ask you to consider marginalized writers, such as those queer, BIPOC, disabled, or otherwise disfranchised. It has spread like wildfire all over social media and beyond, and you can even grab Sealey Challenge Bingo cards and Certificates now! 

We’ve created a list of queer BIPOC poetry books from Lambda fellows, finalists, Writers in Schools authors, faculty, and staff. And remember, the keyword is challenge. If you miss a day or even a week, it’s fine. Be generous with yourselves and push at your own pace. The Sealey Challenge is as much a celebration and community event as it is an accomplishment. 

Learn more about the Sealey Challenge here!

Books from Lambda Literary Fellows, Staff, Faculty, and WIS authors:

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