June’s Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Books

Aaaand it’s that time of year again! As the rainbow paraphernalia officially hits Target and everyone under the (at times sweltering) sun begins prepping their floats and their costumes, so do the shelves of your local bookstores’ queer section creak under the weight of all the new titles released just in time for Pride.

This June’s list features an excellent selection of compelling and urgent queer writing across every genre! From Lambda Fellow Katie Jean Shrinkle‘s atmospheric and haunting new thriller cowritten with Jessica Alexander, to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anne Hull‘s wistful coming-of-age memoir; from Norman Erikson Pasaribu‘s whimsical short stories to Elliot Page‘s bold and buzzy memoir; June is sure to rouse you from your reading slump and lengthen your TBR.




LGBTQ Studies



Speculative Literature

Young Adult Literature

Children’s/Middle Grade Literature


Comics/Graphic Novels