July’s Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Literature

A new round of queer, trans, LGBTQIA+ books to suit every fancy is here to get you through the mind-melting days of midsummer.

Former Judith A. Markowitz Award Winner Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, Ph.D.’s debut novel Big Girl sorts through the perils of diet culture on a young girl, and explores longing and desire, wrapped in 90s throwbacks.

When you’ve had enough of the heat and you’re ready to take a dip, question what’s in the water in They Drown Our Daughters or submerge yourself in Julia Armfield’s exploration of the depths, Our Wives Under the Sea.

Next, follow memoirist Chris Belcher from early life as a Pretty Baby, winning an Appalachian infant beauty contest, to an adult life split between realms: academic and pro domme, and the sharp insights earned throughout.

And if you wish you could watch Succession and lie under a tree simultaneously, try a deep dive into the Getty family dynasty with a copy of Growing up Getty, a look into the past and present, including LGBTQ+ members of the newer generations.

Settle into the expansive range of a poet’s perspective and power to hold dualities with Shareen K. Murayama’s Housebreak and Eric Tran’s Mouth, Sugar, and Smoke.

Turn off the lights, turn on the fan, and read on in search of love, a mysterious thrill, and other worlds.

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