In Memoriam

In Memoriam

At each year’s Lammys, we take a moment to remember those in our community we’ve lost in the past year. The video below represents those who have passed in the year since our last Lambda Literary Awards ceremony on June 3, 2019. Please join us in celebrating their lives and accomplishments.

Selected obituaries and remembrances:

H.G. Carillo
Writer and Teacher Hache Carrillo, 60, has Died

Bill Cohen
Noted Publisher and Editor Bill Cohen has Died

Douglas Crimp
Art Historian, Critic, and AIDS Activist Douglas Crimp, 74, has Died

Howard Cruse
Groundbreaking Cartoonist Howard Cruse, 75, has Died

John Giorno
Genre Defying Poet, Performer, and Artist John Giorno, 82, has Died

Ellen Greenblatt
Editor and Librarian Ellen Greenblatt, 64, has Died

George Hodgman
Bestselling Author George Hodgman, 60, has Died

Kevin Killian
Poet, Novelist, and Playwright Kevin Killian, 66, has Died

Love at First Sight: The Brilliant Generosity of Kevin Killian

The Genius of Kevin Killian

Larry Kramer
Legendary Author and AIDS Activist Larry Kramer, 84, has Died

Terrence McNally
Beloved Gay Playwright Terrence McNally, 81, has Died

Toni Morrison
The Author That Raised Me: Thoughts on the Passing of Toni Morrison

Vittoria Repetto
Vittoria Repetto, a Welcoming Presence on the NYC Poetry Scene, Has Died

Michael Rumaker
Novelist and Poet Michael Rumaker, 87, has Died

Hilary Sloin
Playwright, Novelist, and Essayist Hilary Sloin, 55, has Died

Art on Fire: Remembering Hilary Sloin

Ann Snitow
On the Death of a Feminist Mentor: Remembering Ann Snitow

Lambda Literary thanks FesliyanStudios for the use of their royalty-free music in the video.