Logged Out: Around the U.S. Through TT Jax’s Inbox

Alright, y’all. What’s going on in the wider world? The heck if I know. Let’s go micro, and instead peruse the recent contents of my email inbox.

First up: a few queer literary organizations are requesting support. Check out Q-Lit’s recent persuasive essay as to why you should throw money their way. Then consider supporting the latest queer literary journal, Educe. Don’t forget BLOOM.

Speaking of BLOOM, there’s a launch party for BLOOM #7 April 11th in Los Angeles, 6:30-8:30 PM at the Blu Dot. Submissions for BLOOM #8 are now open until June.

Scrolling through the inbox: Chicago-based Pride Films and Plays sent out information about their upcoming Gay Play Weekend, April 15-17, at the Center on Halsted, featuring 5 award-winning gay-themed plays. The deadline for their lesbian-centered Women’s Work Contest is April 10th.

Again at the Center on Halsted, check out a March 28th screening with Bennett Singer of the 2003 documentary Brother Outsider, followed by a reception celebrating the 100th anniversary of Bayard Rustin’s birth.

Moving South: Love Jack Kerouac? Been embarrassingly obsessed with him since you were a pre-teen? Spent multiple years of your life writing exactly like him, only worse? Email me. Also, check this residency out:The Kerouac Project of Orlando.

Back up North: Elana Bell (Eyes, Stones, LSU Press), Monica A. Hand (me and Nina, Alice James Books), and E.J. Antonio are reading 6-8 pm tomorrow at the Cornelia Street Cafe in NYC, hosted by The Mom Egg. Admission is $7.

(And if you don’t have seven bucks for poetry readings, donations, plays, or anything of the sort anywhere, be sure to remind yourself of this.)