Bret Easton Ellis + Paul Schrader + James Deen= Film?

Once a bad boy, always a bad boy. Notorious literary satirist Bret Easton Ellis is apparently writing a new screenplay and he has his eye on a certain adult film star to play one of the leads.

According to Ellis’ always entertaining twitter feed he is working on a  “L.A. noir micro budget Paul Schrader movie” and he wants to cast pornographic film star James Deen in the film.

Schrader, who wrote the the screenplay for Raging Bull and directed the film Affliction, was previously attached to another Ellis project, the thriller Bait.

The Playlist/Indiewire reports:

Following in the footsteps of “The Girlfriend Experience,” Ellis apparently has his eyes on adult film star James Deen to play “Christian or Ryan” in the new film, tweeting that Deen “has to act and be full frontal naked[.]”

Deen is apparently all in and ready to go.  There is no word yet if or when this film will go into production.

[Playlist via nymag]