New in November: Dennis Cooper, Mari SanGiovanni, Sylvia Beach, and Chantal Regnault

Rejoice bibliophiles! November has arrived and so has a cavalcade of fall books.  This month you can pick up new releases from Dennis Cooper, Mari SanGiovanni, Sheila Ortiz Taylor, Chantal Regnault, and Samuel Delany.

  • Tens across the board! French photographer and documentarist Chantal Regnault spent years visually documenting the 1980s gay Harlem Ball scene. In her new book, Voguing and the Gay Balls of New York City (Soul Jazz Books), Regnault presents hundreds of previously unpublished photographs as well as “interviews with key figures from the movement, essays, flyers, and ephemera…”
  • This month famed cult writer Dennis Cooper releases his long awaited new novel The Marbled Swarm (Harper Perennial).  The novel concerns itself with cannibalism (yes …this is a Dennis Cooper novel), the world of  high art, old money, and an “unspeakable system of coercion and surrender.”
  • Columbia University Press is releasing The Letters of Sylvia Beach. Beach was the founder of the Left Bank bookstore Shakespeare and Company and the first publisher of James Joyce’s Ulysses.  Beach had “a legendary facility for nurturing literary talent. ”  This collection of her letters  illuminate Beach’s “day-to-day dealings as bookseller and publisher to expatriate Paris. Friends and clients include Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, H. D., Ezra Pound, Janet Flanner, William Carlos Williams, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, and Richard Wright. As librarian, publicist, publisher, and translator, Beach carved out a unique space for herself in English and French letters….”

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