‘Nothing but the Truth’ by Carsen Taite

In Carsen Taite’s fourth novel, she introduces readers to two powerful women: Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County, Ryan Foster, and defense attorney Brett Logan. The two attorneys couldn’t be more different.

Ryan is uptight, driven, always in control, and always dressed impeccably. Ryan has been tapped to succeed her boss, the district attorney, taking his place when he retires, and lives above the fray of the courtroom in her role as administrator for the DA’s office. She prefers her sex anonymous and often.

Brett, on the other hand, is a magnet for dirt. She is often disheveled, prefers casual clothes to business attire, and is laid back—or as laid back as any attorney can be. Brett has her own law practice and takes on cases that appeal to her and lives her work life in the courtroom. Brett is celibate, but looking for love.

When the DA orders Ryan to take over the prosecution of a high-profile murder case, she is told it is a slam-dunk conviction. With few qualms about taking the case away from another prosecutor to further her own political goals, she takes the case. Brett is hired to defend a young man who wants to confess to the murder allegedly committed by the man Ryan is prosecuting for the crime. When Brett tells Ryan about the young man, they both know it will throw a monkey wrench into Ryan’s case.

Each time the two women meet, they are both aware of a growing attraction. Ryan wants to deny it and Brett can’t believe it.

Taite has written an excellent courtroom drama with two interesting women leading the cast of characters. Taite herself is a practicing defense attorney, and her courtroom scenes are clearly based on real knowledge. This should be another winner for Taite.

Nothing but the Truth

by Carsen Taite
Bold Strokes Books
Paperback, 9781602821989, 256p
January 2011