News of Note: June 17, 2011

  • Proteus Spann and Edmonds Productions are developing a feature film adaptation of E. Lynn Harris’s debut novel, Invisible Life. Proteus Spann and Edmonds Productions have signed a multi-picture deal to bring several of his works to the screen—with Invisible Life being the first of Harris’s novels to get the big screen treatment. Harris, who died in 2009, is one of few black or gay writers to have written ten New York Times best sellers; he is now making history as one of the few to also have his work made into a film. [Indiewire]
  • The Tony’s proved this past Sunday that a work no longer has to be at least a century old to be considered a “classic.” Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart beat out The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde and The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare to win the Tony Award for Best Play Revival. The Normal Heart first premiered Off-Broadway at The Public Theater in 1985 and made its recent Broadway debut on April 19th, 2011 at the Golden Theater. [Newser]
  • Why do you write or read? Do you do it because it’s a way to express and understand yourself? Because you enjoy inspiring others and being inspired? Or because there’s just nothing on T.V. that day, and your Internet is out? At Newark-Essex Black Pride this past weekend, writers discussed their reasons for reading and writing during a panel titled “Literary Workshop: Why Do You Write/Read, and How Do You Succeed?” sponsored by Fire & Ink. [JS Theater Blog]
  • What is sexy, geeky, and literary all at once? Queer Women of Color and Friend’s Nerdy Cabaret! In Boston, on Wednesday, June 22, performers, poets, and storytellers of all kinds will make their way to the stage in a mix of lingerie and traditional nerd gear (think thick black glasses, bowties, and corsets) to present their literary and lyrical talents. Learn more about the event, the poets and the performers here. [QWOC +Boston]