Gay Marriage in New York: Writers Respond

In an historic move, New York State has legalized same sex marriage. On June 24th, 2011 the New York State senate approved the Marriage Equality Act—which Governor Andrew Cuomo quickly signed into law—making New York the sixth state to allow gay and lesbian couples the right to wed. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia have also passed similar laws granting same-sex marriage licenses.

There are some pointed caveats built in to the recently signed law: religious intuitions and clergy are exempt from having to perform same sex marriages, and if the exemptions are ever successfully disputed in court, then the newly signed law and thus legal same-sex marriage would be nullified in New York State. Nevertheless, the Marriage Equality Act is being viewed by many as a sea change in the LBGT rights movement. CNN noted that since the populous New York State passed the Marriage Equality Act the number of Americans living in states covered by same-sex marriage laws will more than double. That is an impressively large number, and the law is sure to have ripple effects on similar legislation in other parts of the country.

We here at Lambda checked in on Facebook and Twitter to see what our favorite writers, bloggers, and personalities were saying about the passing of this seminal legislation:

Still shocked that NYC passed gay marriage. Good on Cuomo for swiftly keeping his promise to the GLBT community. —Nick Burd, author.(via Twitter)

Start spreading the news! Love and justice have prevailed in NY! —Armistead Maupin, author.(via Facebook)

I’m gonna go out and marry like 20 guys this weekend! —Mike Albo, author and performer.(via Facebook)

So if religious organizations, non-profits and businesses are allowed to deny recognition, benefits and services to gay couples, then straight and gay marriage are not equal in NY State. The law is written in such a way, that if a court accurately rules it unconstitutional, the “right” is entirely dissolved. Rather than create “marriage equality” it institutionalizes discrimination, no? —Sarah Schulman, author.(via Facebook)

I’m over the moon ecstatic about what happened in New York State tonight, and I’m relieved the state doesn’t have a backwards, mob-rule proposition system which will allow the narrow majority of the state’s population to cast a vote on the civil rights a minority. —Christopher Rice, author.(via Facebook)

Congratulations New York! Now we’re up to speed with Iowa and Albania on gay marriage!—James Hannaham, author.(via Facebook)

GAY MARRIAGE PASSES IN NEW YORK STATE! I know this is gonna put a spring in marcher’s steps–especially all the straight bodybuilders hired to dance on the Sprint and premium vodka floats. —Lady Bunny, blogger and drag star.(via Facebook)

A very special Pride with the marriage bill passing and all wishing everyone a happy healthy one with continued pursuit of freedom and justice for all! —Pamela Sneed poet and author.(via Facebook)

There’s a bunch hipster’s in NYC who told their girlfriends “We can’t get married till everyone can” who are really scared right now —Matt Johnson, author.(via Twitter)

Finally. Equality. —Keith Boykin , author and activist.(via Twitter)

I move to New York and they legalize gay marriage a month later? Causal relationship proved! You’re welcome, gays.—Red Durkin, publisher and author.(via Twitter)

A huge thank you to all the people who worked and sacrificed to manifest/tranifest a historic moment today. You are heroic. Love you! —Justin Bond, author and  performer.(via Twitter)