‘Christian Publishers and Authors Can Stop Worrying and Embrace Same Sex Couples’

Come Out of the Woods, Christian Soldiers; World War Gay Has Ended: In this oft hilarious yet fact-ridden piece, author John Shore explains why Christian publishers and authors who support same-sex couples should finally stop hiding from the feared “blue-haired lady.” This term refers to conservative owners of the Christian book stores to which publishers make their book sales.

“Christian publishers and authors can stop worrying now,” Shore wrote. “Today, the blue-haired lady has either died, gone out of business, or changed her mind. Today’s blue-haired lady takes yoga classes. Today, the blue-haired lady has a gay grandchild or nephew whom she loves with all her heart.” [HuffingtonPost]

When Charlaine Harris penned the Sookie Stackhouse novels, there was no shortage of gay characters. From the very beginning, the series exposed homophobes and racists for the ignorance and hatred they spewed. It came as no surprise, then, that the television series was savvy in the same-sex love department. And it just keeps getting gayer: in the fourth season, slated to premiere on June 26, a major heterosexual character will get a taste of the rainbow. You’ll have to cling to the edge of your seat for the next few days as series creator Alan Ball has kept the info secret from curious fans. Michael Ausiello, a lucky TV Line writer who received the inside scoop, claims that fans won’t be disappointed.

“Having witnessed the big reveal, it doesn’t feel gimmicky,” Ausiello wrote. “In fact, after the initial shock wears off, I imagine you will do what I did and go, ‘Yeah. Makes total sense.’” [Towleroad]

Broadside Winner Announced: Congratulations are in order for our very own Brent Calderwood, who won the 2011 Atlanta Queer Literary Festival for a poetry piece. This isn’t the first time Calderwood’s writing has been celebrated: besides receiving awards from the Lambda Literary Foundation, he has been honored by the San Francisco Public Library, the Horizon Foundation, the Napa Valley Writers Conference, and the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. To learn more about this fabulous writer, visit his website. [ATLQueerLitFest]

Code Pink Gives Pawlenty Glitter Treatment: Last Thursday, two female Code Pink activists gave presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty a shimmering message at his San Francisco book signing. Claiming the former Republican governor of Minnesota lacks “the courage to stand up for gay rights and women’s reproductive rights,” the protesters dusted Pawlenty with pink glitter and confetti.

Last year, the Los Angeles Times reported that Pawlenty vetoed a bill that would have given Minnesota-based gay couples the right to the remains of their deceased partner. Pawlenty isn’t the first to receive what United Press International dubs “the glitter treatment”; recently, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was dusted by protesters in Minneapolis. [UPI]

Pat Robertson Says Hollywood Forcing Straight Actors to Play Gay Roles: Are straight actors being forced to play gay? Pat Robertson seems to believe so. On the 700 Club, Robertson gave conservative writer Ben Shapiro a few details about his new book, which accuses gays and lesbians of infiltrating and “brainwashing” Hollywood. [Towleroad]