Cliterotica: Spring 2011

Quarterly Lesbian Erotica Roundup

Ah, spring. It’s in the air. Can’t you feel it? Can’t you smell it? Or maybe that’s the smell of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway outside my window. I can’t tell.

Regardless, with the change from winter into spring, I always get a little extra feisty, excited about the smaller and fewer and flirtier clothes that the girls start wearing — and thrilled to be warmer and more consistently temperate.

So of course, my drive goes up. I start seeing desire everywhere, and I want to play. If you get spring fever like I do, here’s some of the recent publications in the lesbian erotica world that you may just love to get your hands on.

Erotic Investigations
Edited by Sacchi Green
Cleis Press
Paperback,9781573446518, 242 pages
April 2011

I wouldn’t consider myself a uniform fetishist, but I do understand how a uniform represents power and puts a dangerous edge on any scene. This anthology puts a delicious lesbian spin on that fetish, from uniforms to power to the real-life difficulties of what it’s like to be having sex with someone who lays their life on the street daily.

This is a touching and sexy collection of essays from experienced erotica editor Sacchi Green. Even if you don’t have a cop fetish, if you like interesting stories with complex dynamics, give it a try, you may find you like it.

By Lesley Gowan
Bold Strokes Books
Paperback, 9781602822085, 144 pages
February 2011

A lovely full-length novel that follows a kinky submissive lesbian from fantasy to reality as she meets a dominant and is taken in to a secret society of mistresses and slaves, pain and pleasure.

Full of art and literary references, The Collectors is a quick and fulfilling read, well-written and sexy. While there are a few problematic scenes, it is generally psychologically real and insightful. Worth reading, and easy to read.

Kinky Girl-On-Girl Stories
Edited by Mira Paul
Ravenous Romance
e-book, 9781607773863
February 2011

I don’t usually pick up e-books, but this one is well worth it. It contains 11 different kinky queer stories—don’t let the “girl on girl” title fool you, it is full on queer—and excellent. I picked it up initially because Xan West, one of my favorite erotica writers, was in the table of contents, so I knew at least that would be great. Thankfully, many of the others were too.

“Nothing Like The Sun” details a beautiful sabbath dinner with a mistress and slave, including some sexy force and pushed limits. Schoolgirl fantasies are fulfilled in “The Taming of Ms. Lucy,” and sleeping with the boss pays off in “Breakfast at Jackie’s.”

SM lovers—and cop and thief arch enemies—in “Enforcement” have to figure out a way to get what they want and still respect each others’ jobs. It even includes some pony play in “Her Equestrian Melody.” Surprisingly diverse and well-written.

Edited by Radclyffe
Cleis Press
Paperback, 9781573444279, 208 pages
January 2011

If many of the erotica anthologies are too dirty or kinky for you, you might want to pick up one of the romance anthologies, like this one by the famous erotica author Radclyffe. Many stories in here are lighter, and more about the relationship and connection between the characters than the power dynamics or kink in other anthologies.

Beware of the cliches—but if you can overlook that, there are some great pieces in here by Kathleen Warnock and Rachel Kramer Bussel.