‘Love Waits’ by Gerri Hill

Gerri Hill is a romance writer who delivers the goods: romance, eroticism and a simple yet believable story. A GCLS winner and Lammy finalist, with Love Waits, Hill has penned another satisfying girl-meets-girl, girl-loses-girl, girl-tries-to-get-girl-back-but-will-she-succeed tale.

Gina Granbury was a high school basketball star and Ashleigh Pence a cheerleader and prom queen when they became lovers in their Texas high school over 20 years ago. But something happened between the two young women once they headed off for college and Gina left a heart-broken Ashleigh for a string of other women—yet Gina herself has never gotten over her first love.

What happened?

Gina has a successful business and Ashleigh is an attorney in Houston for a big law firm that is devoted to finding loopholes for corporations trying to avoid environmental laws. While both have had affairs, neither currently has a partner.

Two decades since their big love, the 20th high school reunion for Calloway High is approaching, causing both women to think back over the affair that has never been replicated for either of them in the years since. Nevertheless, each woman has trepidation about attending the event, fearful of seeing the other. And yet….

Hill moves the story back and forth in time between Gina and Ashleigh’s high school years and the present; the reader experiences the couple’s first teenage love just as they do, as well as the conflicts they are experiencing now as they near 40.

Hill moves seamlessly between past and present with alternating chapters—she makes the women believable and likable as teenagers exploring a newly discovered lesbianism; yet she also has a keen sense of Gina and Ashleigh as emotionally discontented women approaching middle age without having found a new love that is as satisfying as that first affair was for each of them.

What forced Gina and Ashleigh apart and will they be able to reunite? Hill draws Love Waits to a satisfying conclusion.
by Gerri Hill
Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931864
Paperback, 264pp