‘Of Course It’s Murder’ by Kate Sweeney

Who doesn’t like a cozy? Kate Sweeney has taken the genre to her literary bosom. The latest in her Kate Ryan series Of Course It’s Murder is the coziest of cozies. Kate has gone off to New England (is there a better place to set a cozy?) after a discomfiting “why-don’t-we-move-in-together?” wrangle with her lover, Dr. Maggie Winfield.

Kate Ryan is always trying to get away for a few days—only to find a dead body or two as she’s trying to relax. (Last time it was in “The Trouble with Murder.”) Her latest trip is no exception. She’s in New England on a photo assignment, but as is so often the case, trouble finds her, this time in the guise of a cozy (naturally) inn run by Simon Merriweather. Add in three elderly women who are straight out of Shakespeare, Agatha Christie or 1930s central casting. That murder ensues is both shocking and utterly predictable and yet it’s murder most delightful and somewhat campy as Kate becomes first a suspect, then a detective and a constant thorn in the side of the local sheriff, Adam Sinclair.

A romantic mystery—because Dr. Maggie is never far away—romp true to the parlor genre, Of Course It’s Murder is a satisfying little page turner.
By Kate Sweeney
ISBN: 9781935216117
Paperback, $16.95, 220 p.