‘Green-Eyed Monster’ by Gill McKnight

When an unlikely cast of characters sets out for a lesbian romance in Gill McKnight’s, Green-Eyed Monster, anything can happen, and it does! In this speedy read, McKnight succeeds in tantalizing with explosive sex and a bit of bondage; tormenting with sexual frustration and intense longing; tickling your fancy and funny bone; and touching a place where good and evil battle it out. With love vs. money at odds, readers ponder which will win, thanks to McKnight keeping the stakes high and the action palpable.

Geeky Mickey Rapowski is cheated out of a fortune by Victoria Gresham, the four hundred and ninety-seventh richest woman in America, and she wants revenge. She just has to kidnap Victoria’s girlfriend, Ginette Felstrom, collect the ransom and redistribute some funds. What seems like a simple plan for a computer whiz instead turns into a nightmare when she inadvertently falls for her captive. Ginette turns out to be the worst hostage on the planet, and all hell breaks loose.

Three wicked women become four when they meet up with Bar Jack, aka BJ, who is a pirate bent on getting her hands on Victoria’s millions. A Bold Strokes Books matinee romance only allows for limited time to tell an entire story, but McKnight fills her allocation with humor, drama, deception, and depth for a fast, engaging read.  Granted, Green-eyed Monster is sometimes far-fetched, but the plot twists, winning dialogue laced with sarcasm, wit, and charm certainly add to the fun. Green-eyed Monster doesn’t take itself seriously and neither should readers. McKnight’s characters are not your typical serious, day-to-day, romantic love interests, but Mickey, Vic, Ginette, and BJ are sure to needle their way into the most law-abiding citizen’s heart.  Most impressive is that McKnight is able to overcome the stigmas of her characters being a tax embezzler, kidnapper, arsonist, and pirate, making it possible for readers to care about them and to hope that they grow in a positive direction.

I recommend this satisfying read for entertainment, fantasy, and sex that stimulate the brain like caffeine. The writing is clever, thought-provoking, and intriguing as readers see how the characters out-smart each other, yet form permanent bonds. Will Mickey choose money or love? Does Mickey even believe she’s good enough for a beautiful, successful, and talented woman? Will Victoria ever find anyone who loves her for personality and not for her money? Will Ginette ever be brave enough to cut her ties to successful women long enough to find happiness? Can BJ come clean and give up her life tied to a family of crime? Last but not least, can commitment-phobic, double-crossing thieves redeem themselves and ultimately unite? Read Green-eyed Monster and have fun finding out.


Gill McKnight
Bold Strokes Books
Paperback, 192p, $14.95
ISBN: 9781602820425