6 Sizzling New Romances

New books are rolling off the presses faster than we can read them! Independent, small presses and major publishing houses alike are offering the kind of well-written lesbian fiction, with multi-dimensional characters that are worth a reader’s time. As the season heats up here are 6 new novels to consider from KG MacGregor’s cruise companion, Sea Legs, to Gill McKnight’s chilling paranormal tale, Goldenseal. Also, look for our official Summer Romance Round-up coming in July.

By Kenna White
Bella Books
ISBN: 9781594931529
Paperback, 355p

Kenna White’s Comfortable Distance (Bella Books) presents us with a marine biologist and a syndicated cartoonist at first avoiding, then embarking on, what is initially a summer romance. While cartoonist Dana struggles to break away from what she finally sees as an abusive relationship, Dr. Jamie Hughes is “a friend indeed.” Not an entirely new story, but an enjoyable, fast paced read that would be most welcome on any beach blanket, White’s newest has plenty of good company.

By KG MacGregor
Bella Books
ISBN: 9781594931581
Paperback, 203p

KG MacGregor, who has half a dozen novels (several of which are lesbian fiction award winners) gives readers her newest: Sea Legs (Bella Books). Just when you thought the gay and lesbian world should be the last to judge and condemn diversity within its own ranks, we find the classic butch/femme struggle alive and well aboard the Caribbean cruise ship, The Emerald Duchess. A striking reminder to NOT judge a book by its cover—or a person by his or her outward appearance—Sea Legs would be a great beach or cruise companion.

NO RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Lambda Award Finalist
By Tracey Richardson
Bella Books
ISBN: 978-1594931598
Paperback, 317p

What would lesbian fiction be if the would-be lovers didn’t start out judging and antagonizing each other? It’s a wonder these women ever get to, let alone past, a first date! Major Logan Sharp has the unfortunate task of babysitting civilian photographer Jillian Knight during the photographer’s stint in Kandahar. Can they figure out, and abide by, the “rules of engagement” in this, Tracey Richardson’s latest novel, No Rules of Engagement (Bella Books)? Or is their relationship dead in the water? Richardson tackles the tragedy of war, the trials of coming home, the challenges of family and rewards of relationships in the recent release.

By Dillon Watson
Bella Books
ISBN: 978-1594931567
Paperback, 358p

Addressing issues of family and foster care, the structures of our society and the failure of some of its central systems, Keile’s Chance (Bella Books), Dillon Watson’s first novel is a welcome addition to Bella’s reading list! In this novel, two women struggle to understand the meaning of and the role of family as they struggle to make decisions about who and what will constitute family for them as adults. Another enjoyable, quick read, Watson’s debut should be enjoyed by all.

By Ann Roberts
Bella Books
ISBN: 978-1594931550
Paperback, 309p

Magic potions in an intriguing shop in South America lead Grace Owens on a journey of mystery and passion in Ann Roberts’ Root of Passion (Bella Books). In what Roberts describes as “a novel of escape,” readers are indeed asked to suspend their own beliefs and let the many answers to the simple question “What if?” roam through their imaginations. This, too, is a great, quick summer read. Take it to the beach—or just sit out and enjoy the sun while the books characters come alive for you.

by Gill McKnight
Bold Strokes
ISBN: 978-1602821156
Paperback, 209p

Exploring the world of the paranormal, Gill McKnight’s Goldenseal (Bold Strokes) finds Amy Fortune’s return to her childhood home fraught with chilling sensations and a sinister presence. Is her childhood friend and former lover Leone truly a friend? Or a dangerous foe? As Leone’s family gathers for a family weekend/retreat, long held and well-kept secrets about the true nature of this mysterious family are exposed. A departure from the run-of-the-mill lesbian romance, Goldenseal is enjoyable for its uniqueness as well as for its plot. This is a story that will engage and characters you will find yourself growing fond of.