Calling All LGBTIQA Librarians!

The Lambda Literary Foundation “nurtures, celebrates, and preserves LGBT literature through programs that honor excellence, promote visibility and encourage development of emerging writers”. We would like to recognize the valuable work that librarians do to select and promote LGBT literature of any kind., the online publication of the Lambda Literary Foundation, will have a new column starting in August 2010 which will feature interviews with LGBTIQA librarians and the work that they do to select and promote LGBTIQ materials at their libraries. Public librarians, K-12 librarians, academic librarians, special librarians, and archivists who work with LGBTIQ materials and patrons are all welcome to participate in this project.

If you are interested in being interviewed for the column, please contact Rachel Wexelbaum at or (320) 308-4756 for more information.

Series: “Confessions of a Librarian

August 2010: Interview 1:
Deadline Sunday July 25 2010

February 2011: Interview 2:
Deadline January 25 2011