Tomahawk’d: Diane S. Bauden

This book has quickly made it to the top of my list this year! Tomahawk’d is a carefully crafted novel full of deep longing, friendship and love and is the perfect book to snuggle up with and get lost in.

Jackson and Erin meet as children at a summer resort run by “Jack’s” aunt. The two girls have an immediate connection that will last their entire childhood. As each summer passes the girls friendship deepens as they reveal their innermost thoughts, however Jack fails to share the one thing that she fears Erin will reject, that she is gay.

As the two girls blossom into adulthood an incident pulls Jack and Erin apart and both feel the loss of their friendship until a family tragedy brings them back together. Can they overcome their past to renew their friendship they both desperately miss?

Bauden skillfully develops the tension in the story while convincingly taking Erin and Jack from young girls to adults, not an easy feat. Minor characters are also given their time to shine and show their depth, thus creating a deeper story. Because of the strong characters and great storytelling this is one not to miss.
by Diane S. Bauden
Intaglio Publications
ISBN: 9781933113906
Paperback, $15.95