‘Passing for Black’ by Linda Villarosa

Awakening the heart and spirit can be a painful process especially when going against all that you have been taught. In Passing for Black the reader is taken on a journey of a woman’s self- discovery that is funny, touching and emotionally charged.

As Angela Wright rushes to meet her fiancée Keith at New Amsterdam University she is distracted by a sign advertising “Lesbian Sex Conference: We Want You to COME”. Cait, an out and proud lesbian on staff at the university who is running the event invites Angela along. Though it goes against her better judgment Angela agrees to attend. This one decision will completely change her life and hurt those closest to her as she works out who she is.

This first novel from Villarosa is wonderfully executed especially with the running theme of each character trying to “pass” by either by being black enough, gay enough or woman enough in order to please those around them. The numerous subplots may overwhelm the reader, but Villarosa has created a great story that is a pleasure to read.

by Linda Villarosa
ISBN 978-0-7582-2387-6
Paperback, / $14.95