Finding Home: Georgia Beers

Georgia Beers has proven in her popular novels such as Too Close to Touch and Fresh Tracks that she has a special way of building romance with suspense that puts the reader on the edge of their seat. Finding Home, though more character driven than suspense, will equally keep the reader engaged at each page turn with its sweet romance.

To barista Natalie Fox she only knows Sarah Buchanan as the “hot business exec” as they exchanged idle morning pleasantries at the local coffee house. However, all that changes when Sarah is on a business trip and her dog runs away and wanders into Natalie life hunger and hurt. Both women realize that they both care for the dog and agree to share him. Soon a friendship develops over long walks in park and the two realize there could be more to their relationship. However a job offer overseas for Sarah could stop this romance in its tracks.

Beers once again writes a riveting story full of characters that draw the reader in. Both Natalie and Sarah have their foibles, problems and humor that elevate the drama and suspense of the story. A great read and I look forward to the next one.
Georgia Beers
Bold Strokes Books / $15.95
ISBN: 9781602820197